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Trying to Repay Debt
Solutions when you are Struggling to Repay Debt

Developing a Plan to Pay Off Debt

Have you ever thought about the best way to repay debt? There is one thing for certain: an effective plan to pay off debt will put you on the road to financial security.

There are millions of Americans in the current economy who are suffering from an array of short-term debt. For many people it amounts to over twenty percent of their annual after-tax income which makes them feel frustrated because they believe there is no way they will ever be able to be debt-free. There is good news for everyone! has a network of financial advisors who will work with you to help develop ways to pay off debt fast.

Credit-Yogi Mission Statement

Our mission at is to work with consumers suffering from an overload of debt to help them develop a personalized plan for repaying debt.

Get real time professional advice here on how to pay off debt faster.
The forms on this site are intuitive and free to use without obligation.

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Have More Debt Than You Can Handle? Learn Some Helpful Facts

If you need to get rid of your overload of debt, can help you find the perfect solution to your problem. Our financial experts can help you accomplish the following:

  • Find ways to reduce your debt by as much as eighty percent
  • Become debt-free within the next three years
  • You qualify for our services even if you don’t own your home
  • Instead of many payments to different creditors you will have one reduced monthly payment
  • Our financial consultants will handle all negotiations with your creditors
  • You don’t need to agree to a credit check
  • No obligation consultations for actionable plans
  • Free information to avoid common pitfalls
  • Excellent customer service from industry professionals
  • Strong referral programs to get the right professionals to address your unique issues

Interest Rate Reduction Can Help You Pay Off Debt Quickly

If you have high interest unsecured debt you can obtain a secured or unsecured loan with a lower interest rate. This will not only help you by lowering your monthly payments, but it will also increase your credit score in time.

Debt Management Plans Help with Debt Repayments

Talking with one of the Credit-Yogi financial advisors about debt counseling is another way to pay off debts quicker. Working with credit counseling organizations will allow you to plan your budget and develop debt repayments that fit into your budget.

Debt Settlement is Excellent for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Many people have more credit card debt than they can financially handle. Even a credit card debt repayment plan doesn’t always help, but a debt settlement can provide the relief a consumer needs to regain his financial stability.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Allows Repayment of Debt

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to arrangement a full or partial repayment of your debts over the next three to five years under the supervision of the court. This is the best plan for those with a steady source of income who want to keep their personal and real property. You may also hear this plan called a wage-earner’s plan.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as a Last Alternative

Those who have no steady source of income or have an enormous debt-load may choose to file Chapter 7 and allow the court to sell the non-exempt assets in order to repay your creditors. You will usually find all those debts discharged within four to six months.

Our Credit-Yogi system can provide you:

  • Free information to avoid common pitfalls.
  • No obligation consultations for actionable plans.
  • Excellent customer service from industry professionals.
  • Strong referral programs to get the right professionals to address your unique issues.

If you would like a free consultation for more personalized information about debt management, fill out the online form or call 866-964-9644 now to get access to our database of over 260,000 credit, financial and legal consultants throughout the country. You’ll be connected with a knowledgeable website consultant associated with

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