HAFA Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives

How Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Can Help You

We’ve helped more than 10,000 people just since 2008 and we’re confident that we have the tools to help you too. HAFA is a government program designed for people whose best or only alternative to foreclosure is to essentially sell their home back and find a more affordable place to live. Sadly, many homeowners who could qualify for a HAMP loan modification and keep their homes or conduct a short sale and minimize their problems are pushed into foreclosure by their mortgage lender – because foreclosing on your home can be actually better for the mortgage lender than any of the programs designed to help the distressed homeowner. We can help you cut through all of the misinformation and provide you with real answers in just a few moments. Give us a call right now for immediate assistance at 1-866-964-9644.

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    If you’ve explored all of your other options HAFA can help you:

    • Get out from under a negative asset
    • Avoid Foreclosure
    • Get extra Expenses Covered by the Grant

    HAFA gives you two options:

    Short Sale

    You sell your home and use the money to pay back your lender for less than what you owe on the home. This requires an agreement with your lender as to the price you can accept for the sale of your home, but you’ll need expert help with this part. You will be free and clear of your mortgage debt while also avoiding a foreclosure.


    You transfer ownership of your home to your lender by signing over the deed to your home. NOT Recommended! Unless you have thought this through at great lengths with much professional advice.
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    Is HAFA Your Best Option?

    The only way to know if HAFA is your best option is to run a complete analysis of your financial situation and know all the options for which you qualify. Your lender will always steer you into choices that benefit your lender most financially. We will show you choices that benefit you and what you qualify for before you ever approach your lender.

    Credit-Yogi will provide you with a free consultation from Mortgage Audit Corp, experts who have helped over 10,000 homeowners avoid foreclosure since 2008 – with options that are in the best interest of the homeowner. They will listen to your situation, provide a thorough analysis, and let you know exactly what foreclosure options will help you most, including both government programs and nongovernment programs.

    Find out right now what mortgage foreclosure options you may qualify for – very quickly we’ll explain all of your options regardless of your financial situation. Call 1-866-964-9644 for a FREE CONSULTATION!
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    Know Your Options Before Approaching Your Lender

    There is a huge misperception that lenders are willing to work with homeowners who have fallen behind on payments. This is completely false. When you fall behind on payments, your lender considers you a violator of the contract and will immediately do what they can to profit from the situation. It defies logic, but lenders actually profit from foreclosures because they’re sometimes insured from losses. They also profit from the penalties and late fees. They lose money when modifying your loan to a lower payment and interest rate, therefore they avoid it. Remember banks are very talented debt collectors.

    Mortgage Audit Corp will:

    • Provide a 40-page financial analysis that shows all the programs for which you qualify
    • Consultation on how to become eligible if you do not qualify
    • Arm you with the facts, so your lender cannot steer you into foreclosure or foreclosure alternatives that are not in your best interest
    • Help you find the solution that benefits you the most
    • Connect you with a non profit or attorneys that specializes in protecting homeowner rights pursuant to certain federal statutes and programs

    Know all your options before talking to your lender. Call 1-866-964-9644 for a FREE CONSULTATION!
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     When HAFA is Your Best Option

    If you’ve suffered extreme financial hardship, and it really is in your best interest to go with the HAFA program, do not let your lender or real estate agent take control of the situation. It’s still your house and you should have some control over the process. Mortgage Audit Corp will educate you on your rights and will refer you to a real estate agent who is experienced in negotiating short sales; not all real estate agents are experienced in this sort of thing and should be selected carefully. This is one situation in which you need the sale to happen quickly, at a reasonable price – and not to drag it out unnecessarily.

    Benefits of HAFA

    • HAFA may provide $3,000 to help you relocate to a new place to live
    • Faster and simpler than foreclosure
    • Better for your credit report than foreclosure
    • A fresh start – relocate to a home that’s more affordable

    We’ll get you on the line right now to talk to experts who can quickly demonstrate if  HAFA may be the right option for you. Talk to people who are on your side and can provide free information about all the programs available. Call 1-866-964-9644 for a FREE CONSULTATION!
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    Approach Your Lender Armed with the Facts

    Because HAMP is a loan modification, not a refinance, you have to deal with your existing lender – who is not going to be happy about modifying your loan. But if you approach your lender with your completed financial analysis from Mortgage Audit Corp and you have proof of your eligibility, by law, your lender has to comply.

    The 40-page analysis is the exact same analysis your lender wants to take up to a year to process – so they can rack up late fees on your mortgage. Get your analysis in 5 days and start the modification process immediately.

    Don’t let your lender drag this out for a year! Find out in 5 days if you qualify for HAMP Obama Loan Modification. Call 1-866-964-9644 for a FREE CONSULTATION!
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