HAMP Obama Loan Modification Program

How the Obama Loan Modification Program (HAMP) Works

More than 90% of loan modification applications get denied. We’ve been helping people with their late mortgage payments since 1999 and we can help you too. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was specifically created by the Obama Administration to help homeowners reduce their mortgage payments to be more affordable. This program was updated and opened up to include more homeowners on June 1, 2012, so even if you were not eligible before, or you defaulted on a HAMP, you still may be eligible for HAMP now.

Free Consultation to Keep You In Your Home

  • 40-Page Analysis Outlines Government and Nongovernment Options
  • Save Hundreds On Your Monthly Payment
  • Bring Mortgage Current
  • Lower Your Interest Rate To As Low as 2%

**BUT You have to meet Very Specific Criteria

HAMP is not a refinance – it modifies the terms of your existing loan to lower your payments.

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    Find Out if You’re Eligible for HAMP BEFORE Approaching Your Lender

    Your Lender Mortgage Audit Corp
    Eligibility results in 9 – 12 months Eligibility results in 5 days
    Late fees pile up while awaiting results Expert review of your financial audit with advice on which program benefits you most
    No help or explanation if you don’t qualify. (You have a 90% chance of being denied.) Consultation on what you need to do to qualify if you are not eligible- TO THE PENNY
    No interest in modifying your loan – it’s more profitable to foreclose. In business to help you avoid foreclosure while lowering your mortgage payment
    Has illegally foreclosed on over 4 million homeowners. Attorneys that specialize in protecting homeowner rights pursuant to certain federal statutes and programs.


    Despite the advice provided on most loan modification websites, and even the official HAMP website, it’s not recommend to go to your lender to check your eligibility! Your lender will certainly do this for you, but they may have no interest in modifying your loan. They may take 9 – 12 months to process the financial analysis necessary to determine your eligibility, and during that time you are falling further behind on your mortgage and racking up obscene late fees. And then, if your financials are off by even a few pennies, they can tell you don’t qualify, and they’ll foreclose anyway.

    Know Your Eligibility for HAMP in 5 Days

    Mortgage Audit Corp, the company Credit-Yogi works with exclusively for foreclosure and loan modification consultations, uses the exact same financial analysis software your lender uses, and will have your results in 5 days. If you’re not eligible for HAMP or another program that would benefit you, they will tell you why you don’t qualify and what you would need to do to become eligible.

    Call Credit-Yogi now and know your HAMP eligibility in one week! Call 1-866-964-9644 or click here for a FREE CONSULTATION and complete Mortgage Audit!


    Approach Your Lender Armed with the Facts

    Because HAMP is a loan modification, not a refinance, you have to deal with your existing lender – who is not going to be happy about modifying your loan. But if you approach your lender with your completed financial analysis from Mortgage Audit Corp and you have proof of your eligibility, by law, your lender has to comply.

    The 40-page analysis is the exact same analysis your lender wants to take up to a year to process – so they can rack up late fees on your mortgage. Get your analysis in 5 days and start the modification process immediately.

    Don’t let your lender drag this out for a year! Find out in 5 days if you qualify for HAMP Obama Loan Modification. Call 1-866-964-9644 or click here for a FREE CONSULTATION and know your results in 5 days!

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